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Whenever we are asked about the most iconic South Indian dish, without blinking, Dosa rolls out of our tongue, isn't it? Its crunchy exterior and creamy filling make it one of the most luscious delicacies of the world.

No doubt, Dosa is commonly available around the streets and in restaurants. Dosa has become a commonality because of its demand and people's crazy love. But in the race of serving just Dosa, 2 things left behind are taste and hygiene.

Taste V/S Hygiene

On streets vendors, you can grab taste, but hygiene is not always in the picture. And, in high-end restaurants, hygiene is always up without any guarantee of taste. But not anymore, The Dosa House restaurant is wholeheartedly available to satiate your dosa cravings along with their other 100+ finger-licking dishes. Our biggest strength lies in our hygiene and the deliciousness of our world-class chefs.

Why is the Dosa House Best of all?

Many restaurants try to grab the position of best dosa restaurant in Jamnagar, but had they gained it? Nope, no one was able to position itself in the Jamnagar. But the Dosa house has already carved a niche, all because of our delicious, savory, and hygienic delicacies.

How do we Prepare Our Dishes?

We don't just focus on cooking and serving. Instead, our staff takes full-blown care of all the ingredients and their cleanliness.

  • Our staff finds the finest ingredients to instill the original and marvelous taste in the dishes.

  • All the vegetables and fruits are thoroughly picked and washed to ensure a hygienic, fresh, and fruity experience for our customers.

  • Our chefs know their chores and try to forge the dishes as contactless as possible.

We don't compromise with your health for taste. Quality always remains on top with quantity in the race. So, forget your worries with our delightful and mouth-watering dishes in a taintless and exotic environment. You will be spoilt with our ample range of Salad, Raita, Soup, Chinese Starters, Noodles, Fried Rice, Sizzlers, Dosas, and veggies.

The Dosa House Dishes You Can't-Miss

  • Lickable Dry Manchurian

  • Delightful Chocolate Dosa

  • Creamy Cheese Maisur Dosa

  • Flavorful Jini Roll Dosa

  • Peppery Idli and Uttapam

  • Spicy Kulcha and Lassi

  • Seasoned Dragon Potato and Mushroom Manchurian

Don't Stay Behind

If you're looking for gala time in Jamnagar, no one is better than the Dosa House. We guarantee stunning, unforgettable, and remarkable experiences to our customers with our exotic and requisite dishes.


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