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Punjabi Restaurant in Jamnagar, Dosa House

About Us

Best South Indian Food All Over Gujarat

Founder, Mahendra Gadara, opened the first ‘Dosa House’ Restaurant in Jamnagar, Gujarat on September 15, 2014. Today, there are more than 12 branches of the Dosa House in Jamnagar.

Mahendra Patel wasn't satisfied with the taste and quality of Dosas that other restaurants were serving in Jamnagar. So, he decided to learn the art of dosa making.

From where he can learn how to make the best dosas other than the southern part of India? He packed his bag and went on the trip of a lifetime. He worked in a restaurant where the food was delicious, the price was reasonable and the quality was up to the mark. Mahendra Patel stayed there for a while and learned how to make the best dosas, sambhar, chutney and other South Indian dishes. After learning the art of dosa making, he came back to Jamnagar and started the first Dosa House restaurant. It wasn't a restaurant though. It was a small 250 ft shop. Yes, that was the humble beginning of Dosa House.

After years of hard work and dedication, that one shop is now converted into multiple outlets spread all over Gujarat. Dosa House is consistent with Mahendra’s years of F&B experience and his unique vision.

Dosa House menu offers something for everybody, from kid-friendly dosas to Jain varieties of dosas to Punjabi to Chinese food options. All of the dishes are made from fresh vegetables and quality ingredients while keeping the customer's hygiene in mind.


We asked some of our customers what are their favorite Dosa House dishes. So, their top picks are Gini Role Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Mexican Sandwich Dosa, Kaju Butter Masala, Chinese Sizzler, Paneer Tikka, and more.

Do you want to know why Dosa House is a customer's go-to place? Visit your nearest Dosa House outlet, try our food and we would love to hear what you have to say. For
 more information, give us a call on
+91 9898016700.


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